Fireproof high-strength materials with polymeric coating

Fireproof high-strength materials with polymeric coating made of multifilament aramids interwoven in a specific way ensure significantly higher (compared to existing in the European market similar products) technical characteristics, including higher breaking and tearing load, higher fire-resistance, better vapour permeability in parallel with water and surfactants protection.

Moreover, these materials have lower weight, which allows making final products lighter, with higher ergonomic and ecological characteristics and more convenient to use.

For instance, one of the major problems with fire-fighting clothing manufactured from materials with functional membranes is that it accumulates toxic substances quickly, but their decontamination is difficult and insufficient. This causes specific professional diseases and shortens life period. Materials that we offer can be easily cleaned from toxic substances, therefore ensuring a higher level of health protection and increasing length of life of fire fighters.

The above materials can be successfully used in fire protection, oil and gas industry, emergency and salvage services, marine and naval sectors, camping, etc.

Technical features

Type 1

  1. Surface density – up to 170 g/m2
  2. Breaking load, Н:
    warpwise, over 2500;
    fillingwise, over 2500
  3. Tearing strength, Н:
    warpwise - over 250;
    fillingwise – over 250.
  4. Fire resistance (resistance to open flame action) – over 30 sec.
  5. Vapour permeable

Type 2:

  1. Surface density – up to 450 g/m2
  2. Breaking load, Н:
    warpwise, over 3000;
    fillingwise, over 3000
  3. Tearing strength, Н:
    warpwise - over 500;
    fillingwise – over 500.
  4. Fire resistance (resistance to open flame action) – over 50 sec.


  • clothing for fire fighters
  • clothing for emergency and salvage services
  • materials for frame modules (tents)

General service fire fighting uniform with inner liner

Designated for using in areas with ambient temperatures from minus 60 °C to plus 40 °C.

Clothing assembly includes:

  • jacket and trousers (bib type coverall) with thermal insulating lining
  • inner liner for firefighter's helmet
  • supply package shall include materials required for repair of the unit, user manual and technical passport
  • individual packaging

This fire fighting uniform is designated for using at ambient temperatures from minus 40 °С to plus 40 °С.

Removable thermal insulating linings of the jackets and trousers consis of a package of materials: hygienic layer, two heating layers and water resistant non combustible material.

The weight of the uniform shall ot exceed 5,0 kg.

Description Value
1 Upper material composition 100 % aramid spun rayon fiber, para-aramid filament yarn
2 Surface density of upper material, g/m2 150 - 220
3 Weave type of upper material rip stop
4 Composition of water resistant layer 100% filament yarn
5 Surface density of water resistant layer, g/m2 150 - 220
6 Breaking load of upper material
- warpwise, N, at least 1000
- fillingwise, N, at least 1000
7 Tearing strength of upper material:
- warpwise, N, at least 80
- fillingwise, N, at least 60
8 Cloth contraction of upper material after soaking and drying up :
- warpwise, %, below 1
- fillingwise, %, below 1
9 Breaking load of water resistant layer:
- warpwise, N, at least 1800
- fillingwise, N, at least 1800
10 Tearing strength of water resistant layer:
- warpwise, N, at least 200
- fillingwise, N, at least 200
11 Water resistance of water resistant layer under static pressure 1000 mm, within 1
12 Multiple torsion proofness of water resistant layer, cycles, at least 110000
13 Freeze resistance of water resistant layer, °С, below minus 40
14. Oxygen index, % , above 28
15 Shrinkage loss after heating:
- warpwise, %, below 1
- fillingwise , %, below 1
16 Ambient temperature effect 300 °С, sec, above 300
17 Resistance to contact with hard surfaces heated up to 400 °С, sec, at least 7
18 Open flame resistance, sec, at least 20
19 Thermal flow resistance:
- 5,0 kWatt/m2, sec, at least 240
- 40,0 kWatt/m2, sec, at least 5
20 Heat conduction, Watt/м.C, below 0,06

Guarantee period is one year (2 years storage).

Special protective rubber boots for fire fighters

Designated for using in areas with ambient temperatures from minus 60 °C to plus 40 °C.

Main parameters:

  • Height of the boots at least 225 mm.
  • Weight of a shoe odd inset heat insulation does not exceed 200 g.
  • Weight of a shoe odd, size 27, shall not exceed 1600 g.

Rubber characteristics:

Description Value
1 2
Friability temperature limit,°С, below minus 60
Tearing load, N, at least 130
Change of sample dimensions after impact of isooctane and phenyl methane within (70±2) hours (7:3), %, not exceeding 100
Chemical resistance during (24±1) hours at (23±2) °C against the following corrosive environment: 20% hydrochloric acid solution or 40% sulfuric acid solution, or 35% solution of sodium hydroxid:
- Increase of the sample weight, %, not over
- Tearing load change coefficient, at least

Tearing load change coefficient after weather aging at the temperature of (100±3)°С during (24±1)hours, at least 0,7
Tearing load change coefficient after weather aging at the temperature of (100±3)°С during (24±1)hours, at least 0,7
Oxygen index, %, at least 26
Resistance to open flame, sec., at least 30
Shock absorption %, at least 60

The boots shall provide protection of the toecap part of a human foot from the temperatures of at least plus 200°С and a heat flow of at least 5 kWatt/m² during at least 5 minutes.

Resistance of the sole package of materials to puncture between ribs is at least 1200 N.

Internal safety margin in the toe part of the boots at blow energy (200±5) J is at least 20 mm.

The boots are fully water resistant.

Sole flexibility not over 29 N/cm.

  • Boot top and sole – thermal and flame resistant black rubber mix;
  • Lining – ribbed cotton
  • Toe puff – metal;
  • Combination composite puncture plate/ ladder shank/ midsole, provides full puncture resistance coverage and thermal insulation for the bottom of the foot. 
  • Inset heating layer – needled fabric

The set includes:

  • boots – 1 pair;
  • inset heat insulation – 1 pair;
  • technical passport and user manual

Fireman rescue belt

Fire resistant escape ladder belt can be used by firefighters while working at height, for rescuing and escaping during extinguishing fires and while conducting emergency works as well as for carrying hand axe and safety hook.

The belt package includes: waiste belt, two pin belt buckle, ladder hook, belt loop, tension band.

Waiste belt width - at least 80mm

Belt weight - below 1 kg

Structural helmet for fire fighters - rescue workers

Includes: helmet body, impact absorption padding, chinstrap interface, adjustable to the wearer’s morphology, clear face shield (inside retracting), for extended face protection, cape for protection from water and heat.

Main parameters:

  • protection from high temperatures 150ºС during at least 30 minutes
  • protection from high temperatures 200ºС impact during at least 3 minutes
  • protection from heat flow impact, 5kWatt/m² during at least 4 minutes
  • protection from electric shock, V – 400

Provides protection from hostile environment: sulphuric acid 1,21g/cm3, transformer fluid 0,875-0,905g/cm3., foam generating agent 6% solution.

Headband (6 3/8” to 8 3/8”) fits a wide variety of head sizes.